What's WRONG with Internet Marketing?

Let's explore the problem;

You've been taken advantage of, sold the dream time and time again only to find that you're not only back where you started from, but most likely tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars less wealthy as a result.

Granted, you've had an experience and what you take out of it is personal to you every time.

  1. It's NOT your fault.
  2. You're supposed to fail - this seems counterintuitive and goes against the question of reputation. Put differently:- Why would you expect a professional digital product/service at $7.97?
  3. Sometimes you need someone with courage who isn't part of the establishment to actually STAND UP and lift the veil to reveal what's really behind the curtain.
  4. Most internet marketers claim to have your back. i.e. the little guy and the little girl but they don't. In fact, there are millions of little guys and girls out there willing to part with their hard earned dollars. This makes it irresistible to many of the "cash on demand" punks who have carved out a pretty piece of this billion dollar industry.
  5. You need a strategy and a plan to fight back with one voice and start pushing back this onslaught of what I'd call internet marketing madness! Wouldn't you agree? We're in the Wild West and in case you need to hear this - ain't nothing fair my friend. If one person's taking advantage, then guaranteed at least 80% of everyone else is too.

Does this resemble the experience you've had when trying to buy something online from someone who might have something that interest you?

First, you'll have to join a webinar, watch a video sales letter (VSL) or read a really long and weirdly looking sales page (usually a one time offer OTO) with in your face letters, plus aggressive styles and colour.

Early on, you will be promised a reveal of some secret knowledge, product or service in just 3-5 minutes from now..likely you'll have given your email first to watch the webinar or access this top secret information.

That sales mechanism will only take 30-45 minutes of your time at most - and those 3-5 minutes in which the secret will be revealed will NOT take place. Certainly not in the 3-5 minutes expectation set right at the front. In most cases I don't think it ever is.

There's a reason for that - simply put, it creates tension within you that needs resolving. Until then, you'll find it really difficult to let go. By the time you do, it's anticipated that you'll spend a few dollars.

When you do, you'll have created a bond and a relationship that is expected to last a lifetime..

Is that so WRONG? No it isn't. Quite irritating yes, especially when everyone's doing it. So imagine the amount of time you've spent reading, watching, listening to someone who repeats themselves at least four times on almost every point.

It's perhaps less frustrating when they have something worthwhile to say - the frustration then turns to "Hurry the f*ck up! I don't have all day, I'm ready to buy".

Now if you're lucky enough to find a..

In fact that expectation is a hook to keep you tantalisingly interested because most of the time, you can't help but stay until you find out what it is, even if it's an hour or 1 hour 45 minutes overdue. This strategy lends itself to psychology. More on that later.

Don't you just hate being treated like you're stupid? Or what about being sold something that's never quite enough without you getting the upgrade?

Even if you liked the original sales video and bought a product based on it, thinking you'll get what you paid for, think again. You will NOT. Ever. Most of the time.

It just isn't quite enough. If you get the next upgrade that will deliver everything that you weren't going to get without it, then you also need another service or product to actually make the upgrade work!

If you buy that upgrade which again solves everything you'll actually get, there's one more final, final product/service to complete the set.

Without this, you'd be stupid to miss out because the offer's going away in 15 minutes (all offers are scarce by the way). You will never know this until after the fact and only if you take the first step .

We'll skip the retargeting and sharing of your email address to another internet marketer without your consent (although it was likely found in some small print you were never going to read).

You're pretty much doomed to hard work or failure if you don't make the best decision of your life and BUY NOW!

"The REAL headline should be why I HATE marketing and YOU Should Too! It's not internet marketings fault we're where we are - it's marketing altogether."

Like most things, marketing isn't good or evil. It's just a tool and how it's used creates a reaction. The intentions behind marketing matter in my opinion, because they translate into real-life experiences whichever side of the fence you're sitting on.

This year, I decided to jump over the fence, by changing the principles I based decisions on. 25 years of short-term fixes to long-term problems in the hope that good unintended benefits arise is a very short-sighted and quite frankly MAD way to live your life.

Taking back the power of choice regardless of its immediate effect is so empowering, because it handed back the ability to envision the future as I intended a long time ago.

That ability to prepare, by taking aligned action now is so rewarding because it causes the fog and mist to lift.  Like standing on top of mountain, seeing the landscape all around you, deciding on which path is best to reach your destination.

What does Internet Marketing have to do with this?

The paradigm shift the internet has brought with it. Infinite amounts of useful and useless information abounds.

Lot's of "regular" people have transformed their lives and careers through the internet.

Whatever your skill, industry online or offline, you need to let people know who you are, where to find you and what you can do to help them.

And this is precisely what marketing is all about.

Easy. Straightforward.

You've come to the right place for these three reasons;

  1. You're here to enrich your understanding around internet marketing
  2. Make a difference - join a community of like minded people who are willing to rail against the industry and demand transparency
  3. Get value - meaningful, inspiring value so that every product that gets to the Hall of Fame is undoubtedly a genuinely great product for general consumption, not just the non-typical results. Non typical results are only useful for at best 20% of all purchasers. When you look at the scale, that means for the millions spent by us, a small fraction of the users gain the benefits.

Marketing has always been based in human psychology and behaviour. So whose fault is it that it's the way it is? Good question - the blame needs to be shared amongst marketers, psychologists and consumers.

I'm hinting at the fact that something is wrong. Again with psychology, it's not bad. How we use it to influence and persuade could be - depending how we apply it.

Consumerism isn't bad. We need to buy things in order to survive. Water, electricity, homes, food, clothes and the list grows. We accept that we have to pay for the exchange of goods in a commonly agreeable standard.

A lot of internet marketers are decent and upstanding people - in fact you could say this about people in general.

And then for the sake of basic instincts, a whole lump of them aren't. That group, despite their base attitude, maintain a swathe of power, because they make a sh*t load of money off of the backs of  "buyer mentality".

This needs to brought up because that scenario of buying a product based on a sales letter, one-time-offer or sales video then upgrading to the nth degree isn't the end of it.

Once you've shown that you have some money to spend, you'll then get the after sales webinar (most are substandard) where you'll be shown how to use the product/service.

At the end of it - guess what? Another sales pitch! Get ready for the process to start again. Oh and by the way, how many products have you purchased this way that lived up to the hype and promise but essentially pre-blame you if you don't get the non-typical results. How many I wonder?

Puffery isn't illegal - by heck that doesn't mean it's moral!

I can say hand on heart that I have a handful - 5 at most (products/services) that actually delivered the value I was expecting. That's out of hundreds. And I had to dig deep to get them. Which brings me back round to; "you usually get what you pay for." I daren't even speculate on the cost.

[I'll be right back - the kids want to walk next next door's dog ;). Give me two hours]

Ok I'm back - four hours later. Not for lack of wanting to come back to this, but necessity. We all have lives to live and it's Sunday. My wife works for a supermarket, which means I've got our children all day Sunday.

When I should be devoting quality time to them, I was writing this info product that pretty much breaks every rule in the book whilst also getting the backs up of industry giants who will HATE me when they discover what I'm up to.

In fact I suspect that my life might become really interesting. There'll b good and bad results that come from this, but I truly hope that the bad results won't mean more of the same prejudice, exclusion and covert oppression.

If you're a racist in any way, shape or form, I must tell you that this black-owned business is not your home. If you still feel that it might be of value, then do me a favour and just reach out to me and let me know.

I appreciate honesty and regardless of your outlook on people, I may be able to help. I won't "out" you. You have my word, but I'm a man and appreciate and expect everyone to have a base level of honesty. I can work with that.

So now we have to get to the product - this means in exchange for your money, I'll deliver;

  1. A paid membership site - every business survives on financial support from the value it provides
  2. A monthly Newsletter with the main feature being you and your brethren - if the uptake is good, we'll consider doing this more frequently but keeping the main feature about the subscribers and their internet marketing purchases and experiences
  3. insights into the hints and tips on the internet - there are so many
  4. Articles to help you succeed online - we're going to avoid wishy washy and get into the meat and bones. Very specific step by step stuff - done the right way.
  5. A members only Podcast - again You are the feature. It's about you and your voice and saying what you want to say. No holds barred. No censorship.
  6. User generate video reviews of internet marketing products
  7. Hall of Fame products list - what is worth its weight in gold and the whole funnel. So you know how much it's going to cost you before you buy.
  8. Wall of Shame - avoid at ALL costs no matter how good the pitch. You my never get your money back.
  9. Special invitation to our Private Invitation Only Facebook Community.

I could go on - Those are the Main benefits. There's no fancy colours, images or fonts, only BOLD type, HEADINGS and italics. Nothing more, nothing less and they're there for emphasis.

No repetition - mistakes galore. In fact any professional in the marketing world will be saying to themselves this is a disgrace to marketing. I agree, but I hope that you've been able to absorb the content and can see the

MASSIVE VALUE of having an "inside man". Maybe you're not in the marketing industry and know all the strategies and tactics? If so, what have you done about it? Let me know by dropping an email into andrew@andrewojwangblackburn.com

Let's take this opportunity to go behind the curtain and revealing everything we possibly can so that the next purchase you make is fully informed.

All you need to do is click the SIGN UP link at the bottom of this page and choose a monthly or annual option.

This is a symbiotic relationship - the purpose of your membership is to support the movement to get behind the scenes and dissect the internet marketing industry.

Build a unified voice to engage at industry level and influence and affect change that ultimately leads to a fairer playing field. Full transparency before you buy. Then you don't have to go through the 100% money back guarantee process potentially ending up being blocked from future purchases.

Listen to others who've been trying to make use of the products they've come across. What their stories are and the impact that internet marketing has had - good, bad and indifferent.

Tell your story so others can read, hear or watch what's happened to you.

There will be forums, communities, in fact thousands if not millions already online - and they will be free. They might be effective. If so, stick with them

We're here specifically for you. Effectively employed by you and ask you to focus your time, money and intellect to grow the most powerful, influential global voice on the internet for the lay man.

We'll need members of the community to run operations and that could be you. The support you provide in every way is crucial to our collective success.

Thank you for reading this right to the end. There is no bonus offer or guarantee to insult you with in order to persuade you further to part with your hard earned cash.

If you want to buy in, then you'll already have made your mind up. If you don't you'll again have made that decision by now.

If you're on the fence, then you're not quite ready and now is definitely not the time to make a rash decision.

There WILL be further products and services on offer, as suggestions, but only verifiably good quality ones. There will not be any more offers or upgrades today. What you've read is what you get. No more, no less.

It could change your life. It might not. Ultimately, you're joining to divert your money away from the crooked marketers because you will be able to request a review on certain products that you might be considering and we can jointly decide on whether they cut the mustard or not.

There is no refund. There is no refund. There is no refund. This is serious and it's real. So make your decision in your own time if you want to go ahead.

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