About Me

What's the point and why does it matter?

The point is this - you don't know me and it matters because I want your trust.

Who are you?

I'm called Andrew Ojwang Blackburn

How old are you?

Thanks for asking - I'm 46 years old (2020)

What do you do?

Well, I do a few things. I'm training to do copywriting and advertising - focusing at the higher end of the market. Copywriting is closing in print.

I also publish a monthly marketing newsletter to paying subscribers.

Also own and run an online business skills training school.

Finally, I work as a project delivery manager.

This gives me a slightly better idea who you are and what you do, but I wouldn't say that I KNOW you! And I'm not about to LIKE and TRUST you, am I?

You're absolutely correct. No way in hell, would I just trust someone who I have no idea about either. The thing is, these days the world is kinda strange, in that we can "meet" faceless people all the time through the internet.

In fact I play a game called Asphalt 9: Legends and I'm in a club as part of the game. I have no idea what the real names of my teammates are or what they look like in real life. Luckily, we're a great club though.

So, just to be clear, I have professional and personal social media profiles. I will happily share those links so you can see what I post, comment and rant about! Add me and let me know that you read this.

It takes time to get to know people, what they're about and to decide if you truly like them or not.

Of course, like most I'd imagine, I want to do business with trustworthy and honourable people that I like - so we might not be a good fit.

What's your mission and your vision?

Haha! You made me laugh ;) - I don't have one? Just kidding..

Mission statement: Empower people and businesses to grow and get better results with the least effort through written word.

Vision statement: An award winning advertising agency at the cutting edge by 2025

One more question ("go for it") - why aren't you like the rest? what makes you different?

You mean the rest of advertising agencies or copywriters?

Ok, well here's the thing and I'm going to be totally honest with you if you don't mind. In my opinion, there's a certain kind of "look" and "way" that the advertising world fit in to.

I'm not that at all - what I'm trying to say is this - I don't quite fit in. My background has nothing to do with marketing, sales and advertising. This gives me an interesting advantage - I look at things through my mentor's (Dan Lok) eyes.

And he KNOWS a thing or two about sales, marketing and advertising.

This means I've got THE best backing and support - with that in mind, I can make this promise, carte blanche!


IF YOU'RE COMPUTER SAYS "NO" (because you're not satisfied with the results) - then I will waive ALL of my commissions until you are satisfied.

That means that I will get paid on results only (subject to contract).